4L 323 Continuance R59N is the son of 4L MS MAKE MY DAY R875 AND VDAR RAMBO 323. This very correct bull was the2004 NAILE NATIONAL CHAMPION BULL. His calves are reported by the Von Forell Ranch to be outstanding. The first Texas calf crop out of 4L 323 Continuance R59N is on the ground at the Robertson Lindsay Cattle Company. His semen is available through the Von Forell Ranch or the Robertson Lindsay Cattle Company. HIs very consistent sons would be for sale beginning May 2008. Come take a look at this magnificent bull and his progeny.
EPD'S: CED 5, BW 4.0, WW 50, YW 81, M 21, TM 46, CEM 8, ST 13, MARB .04, REA .06, FAT .00

Sus Perks Chief Sus Perks Chief 9088/0613 is the powerful son of Savanna Sarah who is sired by one of
the great Chiga bulls, RP Superior 1223, Reserve National Champion in 1976 and the powerful Delta Rae 82 who has 49 calves listed in the registry and remains one of the foundation females in our breeding program. His sire Perks Advance 9088 is a legend from the 4L Von Forrell Ranch. His calves are outstanding with moderate  birth weight, above average weaning weights and yearling weights which are reflected in his EPD
package. His semen is available through Bovine Elite in College Station, Texas.
EPD Information:CED 1 BW  1.9 WW  49  YW 79  MILK 15  TM 40  HPG 7  CEM 4  STAY 8  MARB 0.2  YG 0.03  CW 50  REA -0.02  FAT -0.01
Grace Victoria Sus Grace Victoria 6240.  6240/226 Reg.# 1423457 is the beautiful daughter of Sus Perks Chief 9088/0613 and 3K Constance 6240. She won Reserve
Junior Champion in San Antonio in the 2012 show season. She also won Reserve female at the Southern Fall Classic in the Brazos Valley. Full sib embryos are available: EPD'S  CED 0: BW 2: WW 46: YW 77:
MILK 16: TM 39: ME 4: CEM 6: MAR .01: YG .05:
CW 49: REA -.09: FAT -.01
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