Delta Rae

For generations, the Robertsons have bred and owned cattle.  The fourth generation to be involved, Susannah Lindsay, is carrying on the tradition of her great grandfather Sugg Robertson, who in 1890 registered the famous hat brand.  While Sugg was not involved with the Red Angus breed, he did pass on the inherent qualities of an accomplished cattleman to his great- granddaughter.  He and his family put great value on honesty and integrity, stewardship of the land, and the production of high-quality cattle. Susannah Lindsay still carries on the tradition today.

Practicality is a key to the Robertson-Lindsay cattle operation and their trouble-free, efficient cowherd has evolved from strict culling and intense selection criteria.  The Robertson-Lindsay cow is expected to calve at two years of age and every year thereafter.  She is to maintain herself and wean a calf with a high weaning weight.  She must also rebreed within a 60-day period.  Cows are also selected for convenience traits such as udder quality and longevity that have immeasurable value in a cow herd.

Robertson-Lindsay bulls are expected to reach maturity at a young age and to be fertile as yearlings.  Through gain testing, they are proven efficient performers who have the ability to add performance, feedlot efficiency and carcass quality to any commercial program.

All cattle in the Robertson-Lindsay herd are stringently selected for structural soundness, gentle disposition, moderate size, easy calving, and ease of fleshing.    The herd is not only a Brucellosis free herd but is also entering the new Johnes Certification Program.


Expect to find Robertson-Lindsay cattle in a wide range of operations, from purebred programs to large commercial ranches. These cattle are also found in a vast range of environments, including the arid regions of the southwest deserts to the humid flatlands of Mississippi and as far south as the South American country of Columbia.

Reality-based cattle production, which includes both A.I. and natural service, strict culling for structural soundness and efficiency, and Real Red Angus Genetics from Real Producing Cows backed with Chiefline Genetics binds the Robertson-Lindsay program.

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